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Even though I am an undergraduate chemical engineering student, I have another hobby in my spare time. That is astronomy. Maybe it has no association with my study now but this is something that keeps my interest since I was in the high school.

Many people are surprised when they know I’m interested in astronomy. Maybe because astronomy is kind of unusual hobby. Not so many people are interested in astronomy, especially learning astronomy not just as a popular science but deeper than that.

The history of this hobby started when I was participated in 2004 National Astronomy Olympiad, which is also a part of the 4th National Science Olympiad. First, it was a total blur. No information, no guidance were given to me and my friends when we were told that we passed the province selection and will represented DKI Jakarta. We tried to find as much information about astronomy from the internet in school.

Honestly, we had no guess about what we had to learn. Finally, I managed to win a silver medal and one of my schoolmates won a gold medal. Surely, it was a total surprise for both of us. After a couple of week, both of us returned to Bandung to participate in the training program to give us material we need to learn to participate in International Astronomy Olympiad and also to select few of us to be the team that will represented Indonesia in that competition. Unfortunately, both of us weren’t selected.

Back to school, we felt that we had to initiate the development of astronomy in our school. So, we suggested our head principal to found the astronomy club. It is a club which students are given material of astronomy. We used our knowledge we had from training program to help our teacher to give lessons about astronomy. I also made a book which compiled all the material of astronomy in a book titled “Modul Persiapan Menuju Olimpiade Astronomi” as a source for the next astronomy olympiad preparation.

After 2 years I become a chemical engineering student in ITB, Bandung, I finally decided to make a blog about astronomy. I hope it can help other students to learn astronomy. So, no students will experience the problems I’ve ever had back in those very first year involving in astronomy Olympiad.

If you also interested in learning astronomy, you can visit my blog.
Hopefully, the astronomy awareness will grow in the society, especially to welcome the International Year of Astronomy in 2009.

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