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I posted here some exercise problems that you can use to expand your knowledge in some chapter in basic astronomy :

1.)  The following statements are true or false:

  • (a) Of all the natural satellites in the Solar System only the Moon always turns the same face towards its primary.
  • (b) The mass of a planet in the Solar System can be determined only if it possesses one or more satellites.
  • (c) The planet with the largest apparent angular diameter when nearest the Earth is Venus.
  • (d) Pluto is the planet farthest from the Sun.
  • (e) A lunar eclipse may occur if the Moon is new.

2.) Calculate the mean density of Jupiter from the following data, assuming the orbits of Earth and Jupiter to be circular and coplanar:

  • Angular semi-diameter of Jupiter at opposition = 21”,8
  • Orbital radius of Jupiter = 5,2 A.U.
  • Mass of Jupiter/mass of Earth = 318
  • Mean density of Earth = 5,5 kg/m^-3
  • Sun’s horizontal parallax = 8”,8

3.) The two components of a binary star are approximately equal brightness. Their maximum separation is 1”,3 and the period is 50,2 years. The composite spectrum shows double lines with a maximum separation of 0,18 Angstrom at 5000 Angstrom. Assuming that the plane of the orbit contains the line of sight, calculate (i) the total mass of the system in the terms of the solar mass, (ii) the parallax of the system.

=================================================== (source : Astronomy, The Structure Of Universe).

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